This is Archive 2015.    Whenever possible I have loaded original photos so these pages are all slow with YouTube links and un-optimized photos.  The pictures are worth the wait. You are encouraged to right click and download them to analyze them. If used anywhere for any reason please credit them as 'Photo Credit:'

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All CloudofIron photographs and images are honest and there is no attempt to mislead anyone.  Some photographs have been contrast, color, edge detected, Retinex Contrast Enhancement applied, white balanced  or otherwise enhanced to bring out detail.  If I knew the reason a photo turned out a certain way, for example if I felt that the Second Sun was a lens flare, I would say so or not use the photo.  I have been seeing some very weird stuff since 2012 and I am photographing and reporting it here.  2014 was the year of the Weird Cloud displays. 2015 , it got stranger with odd things going on with the Sun and Moon. I have binoculars, an all spectrum camera, a decent phone camera with me at all times and I always take pictures with all available cameras  to record something I have seen.  Sometimes, I find things on the camera  that I didn't realize were in the picture or even  photos in the camera that I do not recall taking. Five examples of  finding things in the camera come to mind. (there are more.)

1. I took some photos of the NYC skyline and the next morning, found gigantic beings in the picture in front of buildings such as the Empire State Building.

2. I took a phone camera picture and did not realize that I was shooting with the lower resolution camera - the one FACING ME! I was on the balcony photographing something outside. The photos show looking over my shoulder, into my living room through the large balcony windows. There are human sized beings carrying what appears to be a large picture across the Living Room.  The picture is that of a Hexagon with multiple hexagonal rings inside it. The center is reddish. The rest is greenish. This was around the time that the news story of the Hexagon at the North Pole of Saturn resurfaced.

3. I did the same 'dumb'  thing another night and got some dark underexposed photos of my neck and a  little of the window into the Living Room. Contrast enhancement (just lightening up the photo) reveals an isosceles  triangular shaped object with a hole in about center hovering at my neck , right above my left shoulder.  I do not know what it is. 

4. I took burst photos of clouds during the day - about 20+ photos. I recall 'feeling' like something came down out of the clouds. The pictures show a unique golden spiral shaped 'thing' that appears to be have a texture of a living thing. It comes into the first frame entirely in place but with no detail. Detail increases in subsequent frames until by about the eighth frame it is fully 'there.' I have it in at least 15 digital frames. Neither I nor another person there with me saw the object until we looked at the photos. 

5. Most recently, I was viewing the moon with binoculars at night on my terrace. I put my all spectrum camera down on a table on the balcony. It would have been turned off, placed on it's back, lens up (but closed) . The next day, there were about 5 photos in there of me with the binoculars around my neck, gazing up at the moon. The shutter button could have not been touching anything. The photos show a change of angles in between the pictures as if the camera were being held. by a moving person.  I am fully in the picture and could not be holding the camera. The camera had to be tilted up from the plane of the table it rested on to capture me.

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Long clouds with large hatch/ramps that open so smaller cloud cloaked craft can have a base of operations? SciFi ? Insanity ?  I was sure I was seeing smaller clouds 'docking' with  larger ones. See above right sequence showing just that.

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