Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

Below are examples of photos taken with camera sensitive to Infrared and Ultraviolet wavelengths. (Full Spectrum)

Gotcha Ghost:                

 Many people have asked me what kind of equipment is used to get the photos and videos shown on, and the Travelin2wit You Tube Channel: 

A great resource is;  'Gotcha Ghost Paranormal Research & Development' of Salem, Oregon.   Over the years, I have found them very knowledgeable about standard, Infrared and Ultraviolet photography. They are experts at camera modifications doing Full Spectrum conversions on a wide range of cameras from Point and Shoots to high end Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras.  I got the Items below listed in this 'UV' purple from 'Gotcha Ghost - Paranormal Research & Development.'

1. Be open minded. We have been skillfully taught what is possible and what is not. Despite the fact that almost all  paradigm changing concepts in the sciences or engineering were 'outside the box', 'not possible'  or downright foolish when first suggested, us laypeople  are still taught to reject anything that is not the mainstream view. This attitude unfortunately reflects the attitude in the scientific fields.  How many reputable scientist's careers have vanished because the scientist was investigating in verboten  areas? There is an atmosphere of fear, not open investigation hanging over all the Sciences. As Western Civilization evolves, it brings it's own version of the Dark Ages with it forward in time. 

2.  Be observant. Look around. Everything is changing  fast but the majority of Earth Humans don't notice it. Ask questions. Start considering yourself a student, taking a class called 'Why ?'  Turn off the mindless distractions such as TV, internet browsing. Why have almost all cultures around the world invented God(s) ? Religions ? Spirits of one kind or another ? Scary legends of the past ? Why do most cultures, even to this day, have no idea where the first humans came from and why there are seemingly abandoned cities around the planet that show as high a level of technology as the 19th Century - perhaps higher ?

3. Take photos of what you observe and make notes. 

  1. I have a balcony facing the New York City Skyline. I observed what appeared to be two suns around sunset with my naked eye. It was just for a second or two. I setup a Digital camera facing NYC that is taking up to 600 photos an hour. I found that I was right, there was a second object, usually hidden in the Sun's glare but clearly visible in the photos. It's still there by the way. Not every day. 
  2. There were reports on the Internet that NASA's Secchi H- System  Photos were showing odd objects in space near the sun. I setup a second Digital camera that images the Sun using the night settings on the camera. There is a marked difference in what the day and night settings reveal. Perhaps the night setting has an infrared filter removed and is showing additional information from the Infrared Spectrum.  Something is there. I'm not sure what it is, but this is getting interesting. 
  3. Sony Camcorder that has a Night Vision setting built right into it.
  4. Bushnell night vision equipment
  5. A Minolta 7000i film camera. 
  6. Samsung Note 4 phone  and additional Phone Cameras
  7. Point and shoot digital Nikon, Olympus and  Lumix cameras. Some modified for IR/UV at 'Gotcha Ghost.'
  8. Canon T-5 (DSLR) Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera modified to record IR and UV wavelengths.  I make sure I also always have another digital camera  that has been modified to show the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum in addition to visible light. Did you know that most cameras, including phone cameras, pick up IR and UV but the manufacturers add a filter to block us from seeing it. It's not that they are trying to hide anything. It's more that the Human Eye is rather limited in what it sees;it sees little or no Infrared or Ultraviolet light wavelengths. If they did not block IR and UV, the picture would not look correct to us. An interesting world opens up seeing the world in 'Full Spectrum.'