Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

Photos Showing Apocalyptic Imagery

I was certain that I was seeing things in the clouds.  I read all about various conditions such as 'Pareidolia', and 'Apophenia'; where 'vague and random stimulus are perceived as significant'. I learned all about how humans are 'programmed  to see faces everywhere we look.


But then I ran certain imaging processing 'filters' on the same photos I was seeing things in and I decided that there must be something going on.  The most striking results were from running 'Edge Detection Filters' on the Images.

Finally, after a couple of years I found someone connected with programming such filters. I asked the question: When I run edge detection filters on my photos, could that process generate creative imagery ? Could the software be inventing a fanciful world full of demons, monsters, tsunami and people in boats ?  The answer given me was "No." 

That 'filter' merely applies mathematical formulas to locate edges in the supplied image. Color are added to the images to increase contrast to each other. It is designed to help the human eye detect forms that may not be readily apparent.


Many of my cloud photos show an underlying theme that could only be described as Apocalyptic. What  do you think ?

I have not added anything to these photos; merely run the Edge Detection Filter.  Is there a world always out there of unseen creatures and structures that we occasionally get a brief taste of and call it the supernatural ?  

Or, are these temporary visitors, from a Planet/Star system about to come uncomfortably close to Earth. Is this a show they come and watch every 3,600 years or so? Watch us getting knocked back to the Stone Age ?

Are they the basis for our religions, the giants of old, gods; both fallen and risen? If they were warning us, wouldn't this be visible to the naked human eye ? Are other Earth bound humans able to produce a show of this size, glory and grandeur ?



Neon Edge Detection of Photographic Imagery