Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

                                                                       The Photographs,  The Theories, The Story

Certain to be controversial,  The only things factual in this monthly publication are the un-retouched photographs made by the author along with actual NASA imagery returned from the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars and the MRO satellite orbiting the Red Planet. Whether it’s from  NASA on Mars or the Author in NYC; All the photos are recent, incredible, and true. Along with each image is discussion and possible theories. The large format publication ends with a ‘what-if' short story based on the real photos. Sure to be a collector’s item. 

'Seen Flying the Skies of NYC and Mars' The Photos, The Theory, The Story. Available Now!

I had the opportunity to meet Argus Witness and hear his incredible story…...

Imagine.... The spiritual beings that were the foundation of all the world's major religions are real and are here now, trying to warn us of impending apocalyptic times. How would they do it ? Why not start sculpting warnings of the dangers out of clouds? At the same time, make sure our space satellites and 'eyes on the ground' like the 'Curiosity Rover' on Mars get pictures that turn some heads. Where else to create these enormous warnings but in the skies of the modern Babylon... New York City! 

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