Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

"Liberty Leading the People" Reproduced in Skies Over Queens, New York June 3, 2014

​​Eugène Delacroix painted "Liberty Leading the People" in 1830 commemorating the July Revolution of the same year, which toppled King Charles X of France. "Marianne", the personification of Liberty leads the people forward with an upraised flag of the French Revolution.  The painting is full of symbolism and a lot of information can be found about it on the internet. Of particular interest is the man in the top hat. At first glance, perhaps he appears to be a member of the upper classes that has seen that Liberty should prevail and has joined the Revolution in support. But his musket points at Marianne. Perhaps he is there to ensure that it all goes the right way. Let the people think they are breaking the bonds of tyranny.

 I had posted the cloud version already but recently noticed that there was something next to the head of the woman. It's the head of an 'alien' complete with antenna. It's a caricature  of an alien. The last time I saw antenna on an alien was 'My Favorite Martian' with Ray Walston and Bill Bixby on TV in the 1960's. It looks like the alien has it's arm around the neck of the somewhat frightened Marianne. Note: 9/278/14: At the time of posting 9/20/14 this image and info, I was unaware of something called the "Marian Apparition." This is a general term describing appearances of the 'Blessed Virgin Mary'; such as at Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal. When I saw the image in the clouds it reminded me of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables because of the upraised arm and general bearing of the woman. I have now educated myself more on the 'Marian Apparition' and remain convinced that what I am documenting is related to Liberty. Perhaps it  is also a visual pun on 'Marian.'

I have no complete theory of what is going on in the skies in general. I have heard a few. How would this imagery fit in ? Have I missed any theories ? 

​Note: This page may have been posted by proponents of a conspiracy you may suspect is behind things but is operated at a deeper level by other agents representing other conspiracies.

"Taking Liberties with Marianne"