Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

This page is designed to help you learn how to see what is going on in our skies. There are two windows. Each with the exact same slides in it. The window on the left is initially displaying the original photo I took with an infrared sensitive camera at  1:17pm the afternoon of June 26, 2014. The image is marked with yellow at points where I see an object of some kind. The window on the right, initially shows the same image but processed with 'white balance' and then been colored in slightly where I see the object to make it stand out  more. Almost every item is visible in the original unprocessed photo if you look in below and to the left of the yellow mark. For example, in the upper right of the original we see a circular object - almost like an old stereotyped picture of a space station. A circular ring with a cylinder in the center connected to the outer ring with tubes. I did not add that to the original photo. What is it ? Is it really there ? Do you see it ? Most items in the photo I saw with my own eyes, some of them, such as this ring thing, I only saw in the digital image. You can advance the photos in the two windows to compare them. I set them to pause for the longest time possible in this slide show tool;  10 seconds.   
I have no idea who is behind these sky sculptures. The sheer number of objects, the fact that this seems to be a global phenomenon, the sophistication of the images point to a technology many degrees of magnitude beyond the level that I thought our civilization was at. I cannot say for sure that it even is due to technology and not a result of  some creative alien life form or spiritual beings or from the gods themselves. There are layers upon layers of multi dimensional  imagery. In fact that is what I find most amazing about it. You see something that looks like a man standing on a cloud, his leg is the back of a animal. From another perspective, the same leg is the keel of a ship. Pareidolia ; perceiving random data or stimulus as significant has to be considered as does the fact that we humans are 'programmed' to see faces in things. But these are not just faces in the clouds. They are entire scenes. I thought myself as possibly going insane until I discovered that  others were also observing this recent change in our skies.  The ultimate level that is revealed by our efforts to 'see' what is going on, is probably what 'they' want us to see. How would we know the difference ? If after pulling back various levels of obscuring curtains, we see triangle shaped aircraft and what appears to be machines we may draw the conclusion that this is human based work.  But if we see fantastic beast/alien like forms operating the equipment, should we draw the conclusion that it the activities in the sky are alien or 'entity' generated ? Perhaps the human designers have put those images in to mislead us. Or, the alien designers have tried to make it appear man-made.  I don't know yet, maybe you will discover the answer. when you gaze up at the sky.

Cloud Analysis 101