May 22, 2015 Update: New Photos for UFO Analysis

Cloud of Iron -‚ÄčPhotos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

Some of Earth's organizations leading  the cutting edge of technology are Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Boeing.  They are legendary for their ingenuity and innovation.  Take a look at these amazing ads from YouTube.           Antigravity and Invisibility, although not shown in the You Tube ads are here in my opinion.  'cloaking' technologies have been in the private sector in a sort of primitive form for a few years now. To me this means that the technology is already 'old' in the military.  My statement that these technologies are here is based on my personal observation of UFO's. Either they are all alien or, some or all are human technology. I think both....

I don't really have to convince you; have you started looking up at the sky ? 

In 1947 an American pilot reported seeing Unidentified Flying Objects, which he described as 'saucer shaped.' But many other shapes have been reported also. Although people's reports of  UFOs have been dismissed as everything from 'swamp gas' and there have been attacks on the character of the individuals reporting, reports continue to surface. Many professionals, including members of the police, military and even Heads of State including U.S. Presidents have reported seeing the elusive craft. 

UFO's have been reported far back, showing up in Medieval art and even further back perhaps in ancient rock art of Australia's aboriginal people and Native Americans in the South West of North America.

Let's get what I believe out of the way... I believe that we live in an infinite universe. How could we humans possibly think we are the only sentient beings ? NASA is discovering 'Exo-Planets' at a rapid rate. Of course we are not alone. It's not clear if the 'Triangle' shaped craft are human or extra-terrestrial in origin. Whatever I am photographing is invisible 'at-will', can cover themselves with clouds to further their camouflage. They are silent and able to hover, move at very fast speeds and 'sculpt clouds.' Whoever they are, I am able to photograph them and I am certain that they know of me. I may be serving their purpose getting a message out. I think that this website could be shut down if they wished to. I have interacted at least a couple of times with them. In one case, I was using an Infrared/Ultraviolet Illumination System. Sort of taunting them to come out so I could photograph them. I have pictures of this. Within a few minutes, I was photographing strange objects coming at the window. They would appear in the air and come up to the window. I have the images and will display them when I can make some sense of them. Now in May of 2015, I think the different colored objects that came at the window of 2013 may be artifacts of a holographic projection system that was being tested in the area.  

Then in 2014, the 'Moon'  silently descended from the sky. As it  came closer I saw that it was a brilliant light on a platform made of sponge like material. The material appeared to be designed to look like clouds around the 'Moon.' There were human figures on the platform, wearing sunglasses or goggles (probably as eye protection from the brilliance of the lamp). They were in the 'nooks and crannies' of the sponge like material. I cannot tell how large or how far away it was. I would not believe this experience and probably would never speak of it, except that I captured the experience on Video using a 'full spectrum' camera that records in the infrared and ultraviolet in addition to what we normally see. Those videos are on the home page of this website. In one of them, the word G-D can be seen on the back of the platform near from where the bright light emanates.     Those early morning hours,  I was again waving the IR/UV illuminator about. I suppose I should not be too surprised that this spongy platform thing descended to check out the maniac (me!) waving the infrared/ultraviolet light at them.

Delta shaped craft's shadows can be seen in the clouds when the sun is behind them. Sometimes they are not covered with clouds but there is the slightest suggestion of an outline of a transparent object. Maybe it has to do with the angle sunlight is hitting them at, or being reflected off nearby clouds. In the above slide show I start with new material for about 20 slides, then I show a 2013 photo that contains triangular (Delta) shaped objects.  In the original photo you can almost  make out the isosceles shaped triangles, then it is shown again with highlights to make it easier to see. Then it's shown with different processing . One evening I was photographing something off the balcony with my cell phone. Later, when reviewing my photos I discovered that I had inadvertently hit the button and taken some photos of myself. The images showed that  behind me was one of the smaller Delta Craft watching me. That was a bit creepy. Following the 'Lesson' on viewing Deltoid Craft are a number of new photos showing UFO's and equipment of unknown purpose in the sky.