This is a very controversial topic. Initially I thought I would just report what I had seen and photograph without offering my opinions; with some additional information supplied to provide context. People ask 'Do you believe in UFOs ?' or 'Do you believe in Aliens?" That question itself shows the effects of years of intentional marginalization of the topic, planting of ridiculous stories and seeking to create an environment where the the careers of professional scientists and researchers become 'at risk' the second they display interest in the topic. Obviously, even though I trust that my mind and cameras are working - I still am hesitant to reveal my identity because of the nonsense associated with interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. 

It's a matter of public record that governments have had misinformation campaigns on many subjects, including the subject of extraterrestrial life and brushed off the whole UFO matter. The level of 'brushing off' is so great in fact, it attracts attention right back to the subject and begs the  question "Why so much effort to have us not look at the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial life ?" 

My personal belief is that if  space is infinite then there must be other life out there. It seems like a given  to me. It also seems obvious that there has been an intentional  effort throughout man's recorded history to suppress knowledge of where we came from. All efforts to expand our understanding of our origins have been stymied. In some cases by religions, in others by governments. What force could be acting so long against man's self understanding and self realization. It can't be man himself because this opposing force has been here since time immemorial. I see only one conclusion; something out there does not want us to have full understanding. Perhaps it is a benevolent force. Like a parent waiting for its child to mature enough before having the birds and bees discussion.  


My photos are real and not faked. I usually include the original. There are also highlighted versions where I point out details using color or text to highlight. 

Our  'parent' is allowing us to see more recently. Is this our 'coming of age?.' I am confident that I am seeing things in the clouds. They are similar to what others are reporting on the internet. What I am seeing also shows up in the photos I have taken. I have had numerous 'psychic' experiences throughout my life; maybe I am more sensitive to this type of thing than others.

I am aware of the tendency to see faces in random data and have read up on it. 'Pareidolia', seeing faces in apparently random data seems to be built into our circuitry." Apophenia." seeing more generalized  patterns in random data is also a part of how we see the world. How do we tell what is real and what is not ? Most of the time, I am not seeing faces but entire scenes. Some are breathtakingly awesome. Biblical vision in nature, humbling and inspirational.  Some, I cannot connect the parts into a whole. Some images, have been found on the photographs but I don't recall seeing them when I took the picture. I take so many photos and I usually don't note down what I am photographing. Later when I review them, if the item is in the center, I assume I saw it (if I don't recall.) If the item is outside the center, usually that means I was either photographing something else or just taking random snapshots hoping to see something in the images later. the 'craft' move so fast, sometimes it registers only as a 'flicker' in my peripheral vision. I then might aim my camera in the general direction of the 'flicker' and fire off a burst of 20 fast photographs of the same location. I've been rewarded more than once with either the discovery of a new image being formed or maybe one of the 20 shots has a possible 'thing' in it. So I look closer at the other 19 images. Now I see the object in another image, slightly different position, perhaps blurred. Some of the photos on this page are images that I did not see when I took the pictures.

Because like most of us,  I am not privy to top secret things, I have no idea of what technological level our civilization and governments are capable of. I make the assumption that whatever I guess it is is probably wrong; an under guess. I like to use the writings of Jules Verne as an example of how yesterday's science fiction is today's and tomorrow's technology.  Google "failed technology predictions" and you will get some good laughs. Is it possible that some government entity is using a secret technology to put photos of impossible things in my camera? Sure. Is it possible for a susceptible  individual to  have thoughts/concepts 'beamed into him', then by another process have the visions duplicated onto digital media also at a distance ? It may very well be. But if  I'm going down the road of secret technologies why not anti-gravity? Why not control over the weather and cloud formations with electro-magnetic fields.  I don't know, and I'm not trying to 'catch' the government doing weird things with the weather. I am just reporting what I see. And, what I've seen in my cameras. 

There are things clearly going on now that are unparalleled in human history.  Chem-Trails, the long lasting contrails from large jets high up in the atmosphere, are rumored to be nano-particulate matter, metals such as barium, aluminum and other materials.  They drift down creating a electrically  atmosphere that can be used as a  tool to hide things from us, create cloud sculptures. I have developed immune system problems diagnosed about four years ago as Rheumatoid Arthritis and   more recently Leukemia blood cancer. I don't know if my health issues are related to these chemicals in the environment.


Some things do bother me about these items I see and photograph. They seem so obvious to me yet, some  whom  I show them to, seem to shrink back as if the entire subject is crazy. They have a mindset that is so rigidly anti any 'out of the box' ideas that they are determined to not see anything. Then, if I  manage to get them to agree that this does look like something, maybe, they have an immediate negative argument. or  they pick up a tone of disbelief as if  .... "Right, Uh huh, you take me for a fool ? This is not possible what you are telling me here." They will politely look, but walk away thinking you are nuts.

​I will add more in this section as I can. For now, I must return to my everyday tasks of earning a living. Enjoy the photos and the questions they raise. 



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