Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

About these photographs...

These photos were taken on various cameras. Most people always have a camera with them these days - their smartphone. Nothing has been added to the photos in terms of objects. Some photos were contrast or color enhanced to help reproduce what was seen with the photographer's own eyes that day. Images like those on this website are still being created in the skies around the world. There are a lot of good investigative reports coming out on the internet.

In particular, I recommend going to and look for "What is in our Skies?"

             Skeptical ??

If at all skeptical, it's very easy to resolve. Just start looking up! Look for: 

Forms that look like familiar objects.  

Objects that appear to be large ducts or pipes protruding from clouds.

Clouds of a darker color. 

Clouds made of a more threadlike substance at the fringes. 

Arches, right angles and other shapes that are not likely to be produced naturally. 

Odd shadows in the clouds. 

I am trying to keep spirituality, not religion on this website but if whatever you see in the sky suggests the Biblical book of Revelations...

Whether crafted by the hand of Man, Alien or Gods, the subject matter is not warm and fuzzy but rather unsettling and foreboding. These photographs were all taken over the past three years.  Pink Photos with a circular frame were taken using an Infrared filter. The circle part is the poorly fitting filter holder.   How is it possible that no one else sees this in New York City. I can't be the only one ...  Is it the Apocalypse ? Many of the images suggest fire, comets, and tidal waves.

Or, are these sculpted clouds from man's playing with electrical plasmas and weather modification systems such as the US Military's  HAARP program ? Are we creating clouds with frightening forms over some enemy country and they are doing it right back to us?  Are the persistent lines in the sky that look like contrails from jets (Chemtrails) providing the raw materials for these sculptures ?

Images of Destruction in the Skies of NYC