May 23, 2015 Update: 40 Image Sequence of Edge Processed Photos (Movie)       

Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

Something is going on in the skies of the Earth. Increased reports of UFOs, 'Chemtrails' being sprayed in our atmosphere. The long opaque contrail like clouds criss-cross our planet as if the planet is weaving  a butterfly like chrysalis within which a great and wonderful transformation will occur. Or,  maybe it is a shroud being woven for a planet in its final death throes. Or,  the threads will be collected;, soaked with plaster, and rain. A great 'Pinata' will be constructed, inside; the Earth. Outside; The Giants of Old, The Annunaki and finally, Nibiru will each take turns wielding the orange stick against the pinata. That, is to be our destiny.

Something is going on. The above photo is representative of thousands of others I have taken that show average clouds in an average sky on an average day in New York City. I took two groups of  'burst photos' with a regular camera.  Press the arrow to view a high speed movie of these. Analyzed using auto HSV,HSL mapping and Edge detection.  Nothing has been added. The edge detection routine has been verified. It is responding to some subtle differences in the photo. Some objects appear in the sky. They can be seen or hinted at in the original photo, contrast enhanced versions and the like. There is another page on this website that addresses the whole concept of 'Edge Detection.' I made this slide movie because I noticed some items moving between pictures. Each photo had two kinds of processing so for about 40 originals there are about 80 resulting images. One of the processes brightened up the colors, but no objects have been added nor have any specific areas of the images had any specific additional processing other than the following overall filters. Auto HSV, Neon Edge Detect and HSL Color Neon Edge Detect.