Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC




By chance, I was working late and decided to go out on the balcony and stretch a bit. Take in the beautiful view and big patch of open sky. Here in my hi-rise fortress, I look down on the world beneath. But on these two nights, I looked up in awe as I was presented with a sky show like none other. I don't know who 'they' are that create these incredible cloud sculptures but you get a glimpse of their UFOs and other 'Cloud Maker Ships'. (Unless the UFOs and Ships are themselves, part of the illusion.) Amazing tricks with perspective and lighting. The same sky art viewed from a different angle reveals a picture within the picture ad infinitum. A universe of fractals.  I think I understand the 'big' picture that is presented; It's a warning.  We mere humans only begin to understand the loudest message these pictures bring us. Anything more subtle is missed or misinterpreted by us.  On both dates the pictures evolved so fast, one into the next. All I could think was I was lucky I had a lot of room in my phone camera and I was lucky to see them at all.  These pictures are facing South from central Queens. The bridge in the distance on the left is the Verazzano Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island. April 25, 2013 was a completely overcast sky. It happened to be the night, I think, that the Moon is closest to Earth.  The Moon appeared in a hole in the clouds. It's surface seemed normal with craters etc.  I thought that the extended exposures 'washed out' the bright Full Moon's features.  But there seem to be pictures where clouds impossibly go behind the Moon.  Maybe, it wasn't the Moon at all. Maybe the real moon was hidden behind the clouds and this was some enormous lamp.