Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC
 ​The camouflaged structures look like the surrounding terrain but when viewed at an oblique angle such as the MRO had when imaging, they become visible. Across the gully, to the left, from the Fallen Titan, is a semi-cylindrical large metallic looking  item sticking up from the edge of a cliff. 
 Every MRO image is huge and is worth detailed inspection. This happened to be the first image I looked at in detail when I began following the Mars Missions. The most dramatic item is a huge head of a statue. I call it the Fallen Titan. It is in the center of the image, leading me to  believe that it was intentionally photographed by mission scientists. Throughout this image are ruins that hint of castle-like structures in the ancient past and more contemporary structures that appear to be camouflaged. They may be buildings or entrances to tunnels and caves. 

 MRO: The Fallen Titan; Details from 1765  Photo Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona  brought to you by