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It is April 2014. One year ago, NASA released these 'micro' pictures. Sometimes mission scientists want a fast look. With the long delay in transmissions between Mars and Earth, the only way to speed it up is to send smaller images back. Sometimes the images look almost like they could be of things they don't want us to see. Releasing smaller pictures with less information in them will certainly confuse us who actually look at what NASA sends out. Exactly on the Jewish Holiday Passover, the below micro pictures were released, taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. The pictures are actually of parts of the Curiosity Rover vehicle but somehow they hinted of this major Jewish holiday that celebrates God 'passing over' the first born of the Israelites and taking the lives only of the first born of the hosts that had enslaved them. The Pharaoh's son amongst them. One of the highlights of the Passover Holiday is the Passover Dinner, the Seder, a bit of a feast full of symbolism that is eaten while the story of Passover is told.  I added some color to the pictures, but include below the originals also. 

Curiosity Rover: 'Passover Date Micro Pictures'  Photo Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona  

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Click on image to view -  These are all 'micro photos' that were posted on NASA website the 1st and 2nd days of Passover 2013.