A Trip to Niagara's Power Station - 1965 Blackout Returning?

Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

Solar Halos are not that Rare...

The Type called '22 degree Halos' are caused by the hexagonal shape of the ice crystals high up in the atmosphere. 

My photos show some objects up there between us and the Sun. Shaped like triangles, the line comprising them do not emanate from the Sun.  Actually, the Sun is in the middle of some of them. 

Could the the Halos be a 'signature' related to the cloaking technology? 

Graphene, also  a hexagonal molecule,  has been extensively  tested  and may be in use combined with a plasmoid to achieve cloaking. 

So, maybe 22 degree Halos are due to ice crystals and all the rest of them are due to cloaked aircraft maneuvering between the Earth and the Sun,

Objects in the skies over Electrical Generating Stations and Niagara Falls may be Rare...

A number of techniques were used to highlight the Sky art and objects. These techniques were also used in the Solar Halo photos. 

For the sky object photos, I left the bottom of the photo 'as photographed' and applied techniques such as 'Color Equalization' , 'White Balancing', Hue/Saturation/Value (HSV) changes etc. to the sky or top part.  The original unprocessed photo is always included in the set. An interesting treatment is called 'Neon Edge Detection.' Easily recognizable by it's weird dark 'feathery' look, it is useful for finding items of interest, then looking deeper with contrast and color enhancement in that area. I had many many photos of Niagara Falls, many looked so dramatic with the Neon Edge Processing I added them also.

Pinkish hues in the original images mark photos taken with an infrared camera. 

Halos around Sun over Canadian's Sir Adam Neck Plant and New Photos * Objects over America's Robert Moses Generating Station

The hydroelectric generating system system at Niagara is interesting. The USA and Canada share the benefits of the Niagara River.  I visited the  site where two dams face each other across Niagara Gorge. In 1965, it was rumoured that UFO;s were seen around the area before the world's largest blackout.

Then, there are photos of skies above the American side dam. There are all sorts of shapes there......