Some Bach violin/harpsichord music will play. The player is at the bottom of the screen. 

Watch the images go by. Maybe you will see something that stimulates your imagination.  Large creations have been being sculpted out of clouds in the skies of New York City for a couple of years. It could be the work of  God or aliens if you believe in such things. There are also other theories, that the immense sculptures in the skies   are the works of men and their machines. To accomplish the things I have seen would require technology far beyond the level that world governments admit to. It would require flying craft that essentially are invisible and able to stay in one spot without rotors or turbines that would 'mess up' the sculptures. Has antigravity been achieved ? Are these craft able to hide with Star Trek like 'cloaking devices? '. I am not qualified to ascertain that. I am qualified to point a camera at the sky when I see something unusual. Should these turn out to be the works of man, not alien, not God; then the question "Why ?" and "What are they trying to achieve?" and "Who is doing it ? " are all  valid questions that thank god, can be raised in our free United States. 

About 20 photographs were taken of this cloud, each about 1/6 of a second apart using 'Burst Mode' on the camera. Each of those photos was then processed 6 ways and then an 'Edge Detection Algorithm Filter' was applied. 

 Analysis of Cloud In Skies Just South of La Guardia (LGA) Airport, NY

Cloud of Iron -​Photos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC