Cloud of Iron -‚ÄčPhotos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC

This is one of the most interesting and disturbing cloud formations I have seen. The original photo was taken at 8:07 pm in the skies over New York City.  I saw the image in the sky and took pictures of it with an infrared capable camera. You may have to step back a bit to see it, but it is there. It is actually a scene. In the center are the head and shoulders and possible left hand gesturing in front. The subject is standing with left shoulder towards the viewer. He seems unaware of an assailant in the lower right of the frame who is in a shooting stance with gun in fully extended left arm/hand. Above the gunman, the figure of a bird or winged or flying person.

This photograph was taken using a 'Full Spectrum' digital camera. Digital cameras record a broader range of light wavelengths than the human eye can see. Filters are factory added to the camera so the images do not record light in the infrared and ultraviolet areas of the light spectrum. Once these filters are professionally removed, the images look quite different than those of 'regular' camera.

As some additional information; the infrared part of the spectrum is where many paranormal investigators look for 'ghosts.'  I can attest to getting some photos that are so unusual that I am certain that no one would believe them; but my world view has changed.   There is speculation that the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum is where many alien technologies operate making these altered cameras ideal for unidentified flying object  research. 

It's important to note that items invisible to us but visible at infrared and ultraviolet are as real and solid as anything else; we are just unable to see them with our eyes. 

Clicking on the arrow will start the slide show.                                                              The original photo is included and has pink clouds against a violet sky. 


Hologram Face in the Sky Over New York City  - July 17, 2014