Cloud of Iron -‚ÄčPhotos of What Is In Our Skies - NYC
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Or, is that 'Warnings' in the Skies of NYC ? Whether crafted by the hand of Man, Alien or Gods, the subject matter is nut warm and fuzzy but rather unsettling and foreboding. These photographs were all taken afternoon/early evening April 27, 2014. Pink Photos with a circular frame were taken using an Infrared filter. The circle part is the poorly fitting filter holder. About 150+ photos were taken. I setup my photo editor to produce variations on each photo.The most dramatic were usually the 'Equalized' ones. But the details you see, spacecraft, figures, various equipment are all visible in the original photos - I've added nothing. This set is just the 'Equalized' photos but there is another button on the home page for 4/27/2014. That presentation contains all the images, including the original. They are also higher resolution. How is it possible that no one else sees this in New York City. I can't be the only one ...  Is it the Apocalypse ? Many of the images suggest fire, comets, and tidal waves.

"Art" in the Skies of New York City